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1Migidoll Army Empty Migidoll Army Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:54 pm


Oh God. Migidoll.
Trivia : The artist also sculpted Orientdoll dolls (now found in Leekeworld) way back when she was starting out.

[b]Type[/b]: Junior Delf/Delf/Senior Delf/Super Senior Delf
[b]Any Additional Info/Backstory[/b]:


2Migidoll Army Empty Re: Migidoll Army Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:05 pm


Name: Syfen Furein
Type: Normal Skin
Mold: Ryu
Gender: Male
Birthday/Arrival: God knows.
Customization: Dreaming Doll 62cm hybrid
Likes: Cakes!
Dislikes: Anger, sadness.
Personality: Is generally happy-go-lucky, teasing other people around him. Underneath that he has a pretty lonely side.
Relationships: Best friends with Ikari. Has the world's biggest and longest and stubbornest one sided love with Raleigh.
Any Additional Info/Backstory: He is an empath who can feel and manipulate other's emotions. Mainly uses his ability to calm others or heal their heart, but is also known to be mischievous with his ability.
Migidoll Army Asol_cow01


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