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» Greetings from the only BJD Owner in Samar
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I'm not sure whether this topic can be under this category or not. If cannot, then may be let me know where to move it. XD

Ok, the topic title is pretty clear of what is about. So after you join this BJD hobby, is there anything interesting/sad or any special experience you been through? Like after you join this hobby, your life start to become more better and more friends? Or after you join this hobby something not right happen that sort of affected you.

For me, I join this hobby in 2006, officially the year I get to own my very first girl. After having Shinku around, I felt so happy. I get to know lots of new friends locally and overseas too. From a not so social type of person I am, becoming a person who start to talk and make friends around. I am also glad that I've joined this hobby too. Cause without Shinku, I don't think I can be strong. She's like my inner supporter to cheer me whenever I am down. I lost my grandma that year and I was really down. But each time when I hug Shinku and look at her, she remind me so much of my grandma. Cause when my grandma alive, she used to play with Shinku. She love Shinku a lot and always comb her wig and pose her asking me take photos. The happy memory lives inside Shinku and that's why she's always my dearest no matter how many I own now.

That's my experience when I join this hobby. Share yours out...


Meeting great people, and still sticking with this hobby after all these years (2005? I can't even remember when I started!) are the best memories for me.

Of course the downsides are the inevitable dolly drama and politics rabbit, but overall, the good memories are worth it! I really just enjoy doing something I love, and how this hobby brings different sorts of people together.

Be the better man.


I guess this hobby has proven to me that I have really bad self control.

j/k XD

It's the people and characters development for me IMO <3
Also how it drives you to be more creative etc *_*



I think I have met some of my truest friends through this hobby. ;w;

Having to wait ages for a doll, a wig, clothes, etc. has definitely taught me to be more patient. (U_U) And probably due to this, it has also taught me commitment. I have extremely short attention span, however this hobby of mine is still going strong since 2004 (8 years!! That's crazy!)

And yes, definitely the creative drive that the hobby permits me!
I don't think I'd ever develop Madren's character to this extent if it weren't for this hobby.



whippy wrote:I guess this hobby has proven to me that I have really bad self control.

You should apply this to your signature lol. It applies to the most of us, yes? XD

For me, getting into this hobby has taught me various skills such as bookbinding, sewing, crafting...among other stuff. I just wish I can perfect face-up skills ;_;

Joined the hobby back in 2008, and never regretted it! Though my first girl isn't from a well-known company, I still love her to bits (first kid gets all the love, eh?) and because of my desire to dress her up a LOT, I started learning how to craft wire & bead accessories for her as well as learning how to make full use of cloth without any sewing required. I'm such a champion at that >_>;

My next step in hobby: Improve sewing skills & learn shoe-making for dolls Cool


Silver Identity

Silver Identity
I've been in this hobby in the year of 2008, and indeed, I am still glad I joined this hobby regardless of the cost and such. (Man, don't we all have bad self control when it comes to money?)

Just like everybody had mentioned; it's the friends that we made in this hobby. Also like saintaya, I was mostly stuck at home and not really out-going and such. Nowadays I mostly go out for the BJD meetings and such when I have the time, and being friendly to the newer people of the hobby and the likes.

.... Also, I'm proud to say that because of this hobby, I seriously do things by myself and get interested into things I would normally would not go into without getting myself motivated with the 'I want to make this for my resin kids!'. Like for example, crocheting, sewing, face-up and etc.

The character development and such are also the mighty perks too. :> But nevertheless, it's the friends that I made through this hobby which is definitely the mighty plus. <3


Erm... I just started this hobby about 1 year ago, so doesn't have much exp to share on yet...

I can't really tell if I've been change after I've in this hobby... I'm always be in house if it's holiday and now I still do XD

But 1 thing: now most of my time on9 is to search for "how to" tips such as cloth making, shoe making, even buying patterns to sew myself etc etc.... and now I've bought a sewing machine for that^.^


I think one of the most key points of this hobby is really meeting people with so much passion. The amount of time people spend on their kids; having fleshed out characters, taking wonderful photos, crafting beautiful clothes etc.
Everyone expresses themselves differently but in the end we all just love our kids a whole lot right? It's very inspiring imho cheers

Um..other points...Learning how to persuade perhaps?
My mum was entirely against (quite drastically) me going into the hobby itself.
While i was saving up for Azure I had to beg, plead, pep talk like for almost a month before she caved in and said fine.
Now things are alot better and she even talks to me about my kids from time to time so it's all good!

As for negative parts...well I guess it's just drama and politics.
Somehow I've come to noticed that there is nearly zero chances to not encounter this in any hobby cos everyone has different opinions and styles and likes / dislikes. In the end it boils down to how much you want to give and take right?
I've learnt to cope with it by just going with the flow? haha like water being neutral is good right?




I haven't been a doll owner for long so, not much to share. Although, because of this hobby, I found a love for photography and I am inspired to write stories again! <3 It's been almost 3 years ever since I wrote anything, with the exception of English essays back in the schooling days LOL. It was hard to get back into it because I was out of it for such a long period. But I'm glad I discovered BJDs. <3

But aside from that, I've became a little bit more of a socialized person. I am quite anti-social and prefer being alone but I'm glad I have met awesome people through this hobby! Plus, I've become a little bit more courageous too. I'm not that afraid of people anymore. >w<)b

So, kudos to BJDs! BJDs FTW! XD <33



I got my first REAL job by being this hobby! LOL!! Cuz I was seriously not motivated to find work anymore due to all the bad jobs that I have been through earlier before that, but in the end, I finally have a REAL work, cuz I have so many things to pay, so I need to start to be serious XD;

This hobby teaches me to save up money (which is my worst nightmare cuz I could never save a penny before!!) and this hobby teaches me patience and research. I do A LOTTTTT of research before I buy bodies, heads, face up artist down to stalking part where I need to know my sellers background and how they handles their dolls before purchasing a second hand dolls Mad

But the most beautiful part of this hobby is where I met a bunch of great friends who did not judge me by age/carrier/income <3 True story, not everyone can accept that you love dolls, but because of these loveable people, I don't feels wierded out for the first time *_*


Long story to talk about but in short, I got to know lots of new friends from this interest and I do find that I get to know more close friends because of this hobby and it is not only within my community around me but I get to know new friends from other places and a few of them actually lives in the same city as I do I love you I learn that, friends does need to study them for ages to call them friends but it's a simple "click" that brings us together as friends.

I do think that this is not a single interest to talk about because it incorporates my photography, sewing and coloring interest which I always think that it's an amazing interest to talk about.



I found out about this hobby maybe like 9 years ago, but have only been active just recently.

One thing I love about participating in this hobby is seeing everyone who share the same passion and love for bjd to come together and contribute so much creativity and artistic talent as well as ideas. Who knew you can make your own wig lol! (I guess I was a little...not so updated about that XD ). I learn to do better at sewing too, although it's a bit sloppy still. I learned a lot on developing both my doll's character as well as self-improvement, e.g., more persistent in projects.

It's also great to see everyone getting to meet wonderful people through the hobby, I think it's a great experience to be able to do that. Sad to say, I am very much alone in this hobby, despite trying my hardest to be sociable and to interact as much as I could Sad I don't know if it's me but I don't think I am as accepted.

Alright out go the negativity! But maybe it's probably just me not meeting the right people >< I shouldn't give up on this hobby

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