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1Dream of Childs Empty Dream of Childs Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:50 pm


Here's the database for all the Dream of Childs.

Type: Normal/Tan/White
Any Additional Info/Backstory:

2Dream of Childs Empty Re: Dream of Childs Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:12 pm


Name: Akimoto Shinku
Type: Normal
Mold: Tender Zen
Gender: female
Birthday/Arrival: 15/2/2006
Customization: nope
Likes: anything deals with sweets, cute stuff,
Dislikes: being left alone
Personality: A very friendly and loving girl. She love attention most of the time and love hugs.
Relationships: none
Any Additional Info/Backstory: She's an angel that being sent down to earth as Dreamland being attack by evil one. She had a genderless twin name ShinHwa. Her eldest brother name Winter a.k.a Shuya.

Dream of Childs Kids20

3Dream of Childs Empty Re: Dream of Childs Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:28 pm


Name: Akimoto ShinHwa
Type: Normal
Mold: Tender Zen
Gender: Genderless (can be female)
Birthday/Arrival: 15/2/2007
Customization: chest sanded and one ear pierced
Likes: music, reading, games
Dislikes: animals bigger then her own.
Personality: Friendly, nice, not really talkative.
Relationships: with Jung Hee
Any Additional Info/Backstory: ShinHwa is a genderless angel. When the evil one attack at Dreamland, ShinHwa being cursed and once turn to become a vampire. But now she's fully cure.

Dream of Childs Kids15

Name: Shimeji
Type: Normal
Mold: Zen
Gender: male
Birthday/Arrival: 18/8/2010
Customization: nope
Likes: Roy Roy, cute animals, soft toys, cute outfits and sweets...
Dislikes: being call short... xD
Personality: A very sweet and gentle boy. But he's kinda cheeky sometimes. He drive Kaito nuts as he always bully him. Very good at playing games and love to design stuff.
Relationships: wife to Roy
Any Additional Info/Backstory: same as Shinku and ShinHwa. He's an angel of hope. Love to cross dress himself most of the times.

Dream of Childs Kids25

4Dream of Childs Empty Re: Dream of Childs Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:18 pm


Name: Tae Hyun
Type: Normal
Mold: Si
Gender: male
Birthday/Arrival: 9/9/2011
Customization: nope
Likes: martial arts
Dislikes: annoying ppl
Personality: He's cool type and don't really talk much. Can be really nice to you if he knows you. Don't try to make him angry as you will be doom.
Relationships: dating with Eugene
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Jung Hee's childhood friend. They come from the same orphanage.

Dream of Childs Kids62

5Dream of Childs Empty Re: Dream of Childs Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:11 pm


Dream of Childs 12130018126_36d4e4d9dc
Name: Lusyne Rosenvich (Child version)
Sculpt: Dream of Doll Tender Too
Date of Birth: June 6
Background: >>Link<<
Dream of Childs 11991108524_d93fdb927a
Name: Nesyne Rosenvich
Sculpt: Dream of Doll Bee-A
Date of Birth: June 6
Background: >>Link<<
Dream of Childs 10882279125_ccca8902df_z
Name: Cheshire Elysee
Sculpt: Dream of Doll Leya
Date of Birth: March 8
Background: >>Link<<

6Dream of Childs Empty Re: Dream of Childs Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:49 pm


Name: ★ Koyuki Chiyo 小雪 千代 (こゆき ちよ)★
Maiden Name : Chiyo
D.O.B : 25 August 2013
Type:Human Fullset
Skin Color: Normal Skin DOD
Race: Japanese
Age: 16 years old
Customization: -
Wig: Default Petsha DOD Wig
Eyes: 16mm Default DOD - Green
Relationships: -
Likes: Small animal, Beautiful Singing of Birds , 'kawaii' stuff , fangirl's stuff such hot guys
Dislikes: Bugs
Personality: Stone-head, always want to look best in front of others

Dream of Childs 10570948705_9353b5a971_c_zpsb7532537

http://dA : http://mikohon3y3a3y.deviantart.com/

7Dream of Childs Empty Re: Dream of Childs Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:35 am


Dream of Childs DSC_1613
Name: Phylis Rozene
Maiden Name : Rozene
D.O.B : 13 July 2011
Type: DOC Petsha Homme version Fullset with Mask
Customization: Ear pierce by DOD
Skin Color: Normal Skin DOD
Wig: Napidoll Summer Event Preorder Wig (Mermaid Hair)
Eyes: 16mm Default DOD - Blue
Relationships: Brother (Ruzgar), Husband (Sileus) and Cousin (Ophelia)


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