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And by that I mean faceups, body blushing, additive and subtractive mods?
What are you comfortable with, what are you not willing to do, what will you send off for other modders to do for you?

I started out doing faceups and body blushing myself, then recently progressed to subtractive mods.
Simple faceups aren't too hard, and body blushing is simple as, but I'm still learning the ropes as far as style and intricacy goes-- I'm not good at those really dark faceups that I like looking at so much.
Before I got my Weylin, I knew that though I loved his face sculpt, I didn't really like how blocky and long his nose was, as well as how the Bobobie wrists looked like sleeves (this was before I found out I could have requested him on a RS body), and they were going to be modded as soon as I was able. One of my male characters in future demands a short, soft (ie; not crazy muscular) and slightly feminine body, and the easiest option is to get a female body for him, and sand down the chest and take in the hips and thighs a little bit. Though I know it's going to be labor-intensive (what is dremel I do not have it), I'm looking forward to it!
I might try additive mods in the future, but epoxy colormatching is scary!

How about you?


Silver Identity

Silver Identity
If you want a suggestion for the body, I was thinking that Spiritdoll Elegance body looked soft and not too muscular in body. Unless you really want a feminine, curvy kind of body then having a female body and sand the chest area is one way to go.

But anyways, it's great that you are willing to try and be daring to do something like these, especially the subtractive mod and such. I had only done an eye-opening for one of my dolls like a few years back, and it was my first and successful modding. I still have the doll and glad that I did what I did. I was prepared to have it become a ruined head and sell it off in a cheaper price but glad that everything turned out fine and in the end, the mold became a rather perfect mold for a character in mind. >3>;

If like say doing the epoxy and such? I would rather send the head or body part to a professional. Like you had mentioned, matching the epoxy and such would be a nightmare, and really, I don't think I have the sculpting skills to do something like that. Maybe one fine day if I feel daring or have a character in mind, but I highly doubt that.

Other than that, I had done face-ups for all of my dolls. I had sent a previous doll to a face-up artist for the first time but the experience was a rather an unfortunate one. It was more of communication with the face-up artist and then the face-up artist being a bit defensive; and also the face-up coming out not what I wanted. So in the end, I decided to do the face-ups on my dolls and I am glad that their face-ups looks decent enough and that I am very happy with them.

One fine day though, I am willing to send one doll head to one of the few face-up artists whose style I really love, and would want them to paint one of my own heads, but that would take a while.

But yeah. XD; Sorry for the long response, but wanting to explain a bit at some parts. Haha!


Ahh, I was actually considering the SpD Elegance body at one point! Don't remember why I ended up picking a different body (probably either cheaper price or because of resinmatching), but SpD make my favorite body sculpts-- I have the Proud body on my wishlist for future characters. For this particular character though, even if I got the SpD Elegance body, I'd still have to sand the sides of the waist down a little bit, since he's actually pretty curvy for a boy. Less curvy than a girl, but curvy enough to still be ambiguously gendered with the right lighting and right angle. I'm not too fussed about what resin junk he keeps in his pants though since he's not about to be photographed naked anyway. /tangent.

I think the only reason I dare to jump in so easily with mods now is because I've got 'cheaper' dolls that don't cost as much to replace if I mess up majorly (ahahaha nope it's still $200 in the hole if I screw it up so I better be able to sand him out properly), and if I mess up, hey guess I have someone to practice other more intense mods on in the future maybe...
Glad to know your first mod went well! Interested to see photos of this, too Very Happy

For additive modding, I actually want to make the eyes on one of my future dolls (... and my Weylin, but shh) a little bit smaller at the outer corners, since the original mold has pretty stylized eyes but is otherwise what I wanted for my character-- I tend to prefer more realistic sculpts to the more stylized ones. But I don't actually feel comfortable doing it myself, so I'm considering sending her off for the mods! I'll probably test-run a faceup on her first, to see whether she looks over-stylized (to my tastes) with a face or not, before I make the decision.

Simple faceups actually came pretty easily to me, I was quite surprised! I'm not saying I'm great at them or anything, but on DoA, I kept seeing people saying how hard faceups are, and seeing really bad first faceups that I was terrified of doing it myself, but it's not actually too bad. I've got a lot to learn, definitely, but it's fun and I regret nothing.
There are amazing faceup artists on DoA that I want to commission in the future though, since their styles are perfect for come of my specific characters, but well, we'll see when I can actually afford to buy these heads first :p

All good! I'm horrific at keeping my replies short myself, but hey, at least you post interesting things, even if it's a bit lengthy! Very Happy


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