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He's my first ever boy in my resin family (well if heads only doesn't count as one), his name is Min Yang^^

Well he arrive home in 2 weeks ago, but I can only have time to upload photo of him now as I'm busy-ing to blush him up >.< hahaha.... By the time he's on the way home I'm kinda worried that he'll stuck at evil customs as they're waiting for duit kopi =w= but he gone through safely^^

Actually he's not in my doll plan, but when I browse through FB dollies marketplace, I saw him and OMG he's gonna be a perfect character that i want! thus I'm getting him ^^ But shortly after getting him I'm putting my financial status in biggest crisis ever =w= hahaha......

Anyway, enjoy the pictures~ hehe (sorry for the mess LOL)

P/s: No no no no you're going to flush my money awaaaaaaay

Well because they're kids? lol Razz

P/s again: oh missy it's kinda wrong for a girl to share her clothes with boy unless they're....ehem in my opinion larr =w= but since they're still young so it's not big deal i suppose?
(Reena: it's just outfits not inner wear anyway~
Min Yang: ......(blush))

After a while later......>

P/s once again: Well you're lucky coz my girl doesn't like to wear lacey clothes... or else you'll need to choose whether to wear girly outfits or being naked :p

Happy family portrait^^ hahahaha~

I'm completed his faceup recently~ so will spam a lot of pictures in this few days XD

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oh! congrats on your new boy!! ~ Very Happy

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Grats on your new kid! Can't wait to see him complete with his faceup ^_^

----->>The great derpina is currently derping her way through now!<<-----
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Congratulation on your new boy... <3

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