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1 What are your favourite sculpts? on Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:20 pm


News Updater
Hey, all!

So I was just curious to know... what are some of your favourite sculpts? Why do you love them? Did you wind up owning any of them? Fawn over them and share pics if you can! Very Happy

Personally, my BeYours Kirara (whom I've named Lacey), Glorydoll's Goth Lucy, and my Soom Amphibel (Aurora) are some of my absolute favourites!

Kirara's official pic =

Now, usually I don't go for the cutesy lovely Asian girly look, but she struck me as BEYOND lovely and with that beautiful faceup, I couldn't resist for one second! xD

Glorydoll Goth Lucy =

Beautiful, fragile, tender, broken, macabre. Everything I love. My grail doll!

Soom Amphibel =

I fell for her because of the ear wings, but in the time I've spent with my girl, I've grown to fall in love with her absolutely calm and serene expression, so wise and comforting, like home <3

Aaaaand what about you guys? 8D

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2 Re: What are your favourite sculpts? on Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:36 am

I have to say my ultimate favourite molds of all time are Luts Abadon, Luts Loid, Volks Ryoya & Volks Tony *__*
Company pic vs my pic below! Sorry, I'm mainly a male SD person ><

1. Luts Abadon
When I first saw him, I just thought that he'd be perfect for a character of mine. But after all these years, I think he's my favourite mold of all time. There's something about this mold that makes me so <333333 It's a versatile mold. They can look cool but gentle at the same time

2. Luts Loid
This mold has so many imperfections but I love it to bits XD He has funny nose, asymmetrical eyes etc! Like Abadon, I think this mold is very versatile too *__*

3. Volks Ryoya
I think he's probably the first Volks doll that looks quite realistic? His ultimate charm point to me is the smirk <3 And of course, the sepet eyes XDDD <3333 He's my latest dream-come-true and I still can't believe that I own one T_T

4. Volks Tony
The first Volks mold that I fell head over heels for! He has this really confident aura! He's manly but still boy-ish at the same time <3 And again, I fell for the smirk XDD

I can say that I am very grateful and thankful that I get to own these dolls. They're my absolute favourite and will always be.
And if I am financially able to, I wouldn't mind getting more of these molds >w<
(I already planned on having 2 more Abadons lol ._.)

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3 Re: What are your favourite sculpts? on Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:04 pm

As for my favourite sculpts, I think they all look somewhat similar (especially the first 4 orz)!

***Warning: Sorry for long spam but I love too many molds!***

1. My first love was Volks FCS (old)29/ 17. There was a WS FCS 17 in Domuya, the first time I visited it, back then when it was in Singapore. I fell completely in love and took about 150 blurry (didn't know how to focus on my camera) photos of him. I couldn't afford him though, but now I own a modded old 29 so it's all good. I would still like more though; I think he's my ultimate favourite sculpt!

(Photo I took in Domuya/ My Søren)

2. Souldoll Paris. One of the two choices when I was deciding on my first doll. I don't recall why I decided against him, but I really love this smirky mold, and I wish to have him, but his head is really too small to fit in with my current/ planned SDs :<

(Souldoll's photo)

3. Angel Region Kai. I think I fell for him because of his smirk as well! Back then, I really wanted one but it was the tanned version, and they said they weren't going to come up with any more after the White skin limited after that (or something). I think he's a basic now though, so maybe one day!

(AngelRegion's photo)

4. CP Dreaming Shiwooooooooo. I owned one named Dagian, and he was really my favourite doll ever, but I ended up ditching the whole storyline and selling everyone from it. I do regret it when I look back at his photos, but I really can't make it work. I still love the mold very much though.

(Luts' photo/ My Dagian)

5. Volks Kohya/ Tohya. Similar to the Volks heads I love, but less smirky. I was a huge fan of a Kohya that belonged to a DoA user (no names mentioned), and I stalked her site and photostories, and saved everything before she went batsh*t kooky. I've only seen a couple irl, but they're really so beautiful T_T I'm determined to own at least one, one day (soon!).

(Volks' extremely cool [lol] photos)

6. Volks Cecile! There was a Captain Cecile in Domuya who belonged to the person working there asdfasdfasd but he was so gorgeous! And that outfit fffffff. ONE DAY, I SWEAR I WILL GET ALL YOU SIMILAR LOOKING DOLLS.

(Photo I took in Domuya)

Volks SD13 (fatfaced) Okita Souji, my most recent OMGIMUSTHAVEHIM love. That fat face and sad expression; what's not to love? ;_;

(Volks' photo)

8. And finally, Bluefairy Xiao, my ultimate MSD mold love! The first time I saw Xiao, I immediately knew I was going to own one and name her Xiaoyu. I did, and got another one (Jin), but ended up selling Xiaoyu because I want to replace her with another Xiao, but the older version (different skintone). If I could have 10 Xiaos, I would! And that goes for Lin as well! Also, I prefer the older Xiao before they renewed her and changed her slightly.

(Bluefairy's photo/ My Xiaoyu/ My Jin)

In conclusion, I think we have gathered that I love fat faces. Smile

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4 Re: What are your favourite sculpts? on Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:14 pm

My favourite sculpts is the hardest question actually Mad cuz i might else well ended up with the entire family lol! (cuz we only bought the one we love the most right? its like choosing fav among your fav so hard!! Embarassed ) but anyway, i must say these are the sculpt I truly waits/gained/dreamed/achieved and forever my fav <33

1) First and foremost is my Natsu - who was a Luts Senior Delf Dion

Company photo on left, my photo on right

He was my first love ever, and imagine that I fall in love even when I saw his shadow, I could never forget the moment I spazz FOR A SHADOW! Laughing He is very hard to take photo off if you dont know him well, very moody, but once I get his beat, I just cant stop taking his photo orz He have the angry face but tiny smirk when taken from the side. I love so much!!

2) My second definitely is my baby - Megumi, who was a Cerberus Project/Luts Delf Breakaway

Company photo on left, my photo on right

Breakaway has been my fav sculpt ever even before Dion, or any other but the one I used to fall in love with was the older version of Breakaway who is somehow a lot manlier then the 2008 version. But still! how do you forget about old crush huh? But I am so happy even till now, he is still my fav, and he is one of the easiest to photograph somehow. and have teeth!! <3

3) The 3rd is my dear Velle - who was a Volks Kurumi ver 2008

Company photo on left, my photo on right

Kurumi is my main prize to myself. I would never dream to even have a Kurumi, it has always be IMPOSSIBLE in my list to have her, so owning her still like a dream till now. She is my ultimate girl ever!! This sculpt is so versatile that she can be from cute to angry and bossy at any time, perfection for my character >w<


Company photo

shadow of the captain, especially The Desire for Revenge and the Scarface version. Any of this *hopeful*. I like his face feature, the gentle smile but look very cool and respected at the same time. I just love you SHADOW OF THE CAPTAIN REISNER SAN because he is so cool, and I really love pirates!! I hope I could go to the cruise one day get him for myself santa rabbit

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5 Re: What are your favourite sculpts? on Thu May 03, 2012 8:41 am

My favourite sculpts would be from Volks and Dollclans,the last especially ^__^ Dollclans has never failed to make me drools a puddle in front of the screen.
I'd go by time sequence...The grail dolls which I managed to get.

The first which caught my eye was
1)SDGr Okita from Volks

I saw him two years ago when I first joined the hobby and that totally changed my impression against volks! I didn't know a thing about the limiteds at first except the price which I've roughly heard from my friends,I thought all Volks sculpts are expensive and couldn't understand why until I stumbled upon the site one day.
and later on I managed to get him as a Christmas present ^^
and here's a picture of my own Souji Smile he's on a sd17 body now

My second would be
2) Reisner Scarface from Volks

I have a so called,scar fetish <3 so I tend to fall easily for dolls,especially guys with a scar.Scar Reisner happened to be the perfect one!Just one stroke down his eye,nothing more and that makes it perfect!It was hard to get him especially when his price has sky rocketed up so much!...and I did manage to get him as a birthday present for myself in the end ^_^

Here's a picture of mine,I'm still thinking of what to do with his face up......

the 3rd one would be
Kien from DollClans.

Strangely,I find that he resembles Shiki very much from Togainunochi!That thought struck me the very moment I saw the photos,and I know I fell deeply in love with him,even before he was home lol.So I quickly placed an order even though DollClans was still a newly setup company during then,without considering whether would I have the money to get him a body or would the resin and size etc match?
I was pretty nervous when I sent him for a face up,since I have no total confidence about the end result.
but my eyes turned into heartshapes the moment I saw him in person,with face up.

and here's the last.
Vezeto WhiteDay version from DollClans

I was actually looking for a sculpt to match with my Hisoka,which is Kien at first.Then I happened to see the photos on facebook.DollClans has created sculpts with unique features,especially around the nose,and that is what which attracted me since the start.I know he is the one,when I saw the photos.
and I'm right,when he came home.

The last grail doll which I have yet to get,would be
Black Code 02 from DOD

I was just a day late for its' ordering period OTL...and now I'm still having troubles looking for one on the second hand market T T''

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6 Re: What are your favourite sculpts? on Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:34 am

Man, it's hard to pick favorite sculpts, there are so many gorgeous ones! SCREAMS INTO THE NIGHT.

Iplehouse Bichun is my *~*~grail doll~*~* and I don't even know why

Seriously stop it with your face.

Another doll I am definitely going to get one day is Migidoll's Ryu.

(Photo by Hiritai)
Fandom secret: Hiritai's Ryu, Hayden, is what got my housemate and me into Ryus.
With a face that gorgeous, is it a surprise virtually everyone and their mom has or wants a Ryu?

And then there's the Dollshe Saint.

(Photo by SDink)
I've been coveting one of these for a while, but now that Dollshe is discontinuing all their old sculpts, I think I am getting a Saint a lot earlier than expected....

Leekeworld's Rihael and Mihael grabbed me the moment I saw them on the LKW site.

(Googled both of these because holy crap the stock photos are huge ._.)
And then there's the beautiful, beautiful Rihaels and Mihaels that other owners have that makes me love the sculpts so much. In one photo, the Mihael pictured was so realistic I thought I was looking at a flesh-and-blood person-- just the way I like it. Maybe that's why I want one so much.

Echoing the earlier cry of Dollclans;

Have some more Dollclans spam because man they have gorgeous sculpts and I want them all one day.

And then another one. Just look at that cheeky grin!

Man, I just wish I looked that good in real life.

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7 Re: What are your favourite sculpts? on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:52 pm

1. Iplehouse Arvid and Dexter

Aww.. can you imagine to have these two hot uncles at home? XD
I haven't gotten them yet, but soon I will!

2. Soom Shoshon

This one is an old grail doll of mine. I am glad finally I can get one in bronze! Currently still on layaway~

3. LUTS Honey Delf Cinnamon

I hope I can get one of this cutie one day~ Very Happy

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