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1 Angel Fantasy sculpts on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:19 am

Here's a database for the AF kids out there!

Type: Normal/Tan/White
Any Additional Info/Backstory:

Name: Alexandra Belle Silsendrea
Type: White
Mold: Angel Fantasy Lily
Gender: Female
Birthday/Arrival: 31 August 2008
Customization: None
Likes: Plants, flowers, punk accessories
Dislikes: Anything horribly frilly and pink, crybabies
Personality: Fashion Diva, fiercefully loyal & possessive, romanticist
Relationships: Sister to Luna, Lucifer, Skye & Sylphea. Girlfriend to Sebastian.

Any Additional Info/Backstory:
She's a rather quirky girl with extra spicy flare-ups that would erupt at the most random times. For all her hot-temperedness, she's generous in her love and charitable even to her enemies. Born a misfit in her family, she quickly emerges as one of the most prominent diva model in her time, making her the breadwinner in the family. Her love for her eldest brother, Lucifer, is beyond boundaries though she does know her own limits in loving him. She could never see eye to eye with his elfish girlfriend, Francesca, though, hard as she has had tried. She adores her younger sister, Luna, very much. For all her hatred over being dressed in pink, she doesn't mind watching little Lunabelle frolicking around in pink and frills (which Luna loves the most!). Her own downside is that she despises Qwerty, the supposed pet of her sister. Qwerty is a little imp, who, in her opinion, should just return back where it came from. Alex's life suffered greatly the moment Qwerty had decided to live permanently in the Silsendrea household. There was never a moment's peace without Qwerty bombarding Alex with mischievous pranks and whatnot. Oddly enough, it is only Alex whom Qwerty loves harassing, and inadvertly, dragging Luna into those pranks as well.


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