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1Volks SD Class Empty Volks SD Class Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:57 pm


Database for Volks SDs, doesn't matter if it's SD10, SD13, SDGr, SD16 or SD17!
Feel free to post your Volks SDs here; doesn't matter if it's a standard mold, limited edition or FCS!

Here's the basic information but feel free to add/remove as you see fit. ^^


[b]Type[/b]: SD10/SD13/SDGr/SD16/SD17
[b]Any Additional Info/Backstory[/b]:

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2Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:06 pm


Name: Madren J. Cortez
Type: SD13
Mold: SD13 Cristal (First Release)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday/Arrival: December 5th (Arrival: November 3rd, 2009)
Customization: Faceup by cifr (DoA)
Likes: Sex, writing, reading, blogging, researching for writing materials, sleeping, cigarettes, alcohol, bars/pubs/clubs, anything strawberry (especially strawberry donuts), fans of his works, bashful men.
Dislikes: Television, noise, cockroaches, sweets (except those that are strawberry flavoured), being disturbed when he is working, writer’s block.
Personality: Easily aggravated, flirtatious and lacks sense of humor. Demanding most of the time, but can be very giving when he feels like it. Tends to take life at his own pace; does not believe in adjusting his life according to another. Can be quite a narcissist. Enjoys flirting with people who are taken, or people who are bashful. He can be quite the worrywart.
Relationships: Whippy's Sergio (Fiance), Lévant (Non-blood related brother), Inocencia (Half sister), Caelum (Half brother), Kohen (Half brother)
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Madren is the 3rd prince of the Cortez household; the only child of the former 4th wife. He is the heir of his father's business empire, but he personally prefers writing instead. He left for New York at age 17 to study business, but is in actual fact pursuing his dreams to be a writer. At the current age of 22, he is a renowned romance writer.


Volks SD Class P_madren

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3Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:07 pm


Name: Gideon Kinsley Carnahan
Usually Called: Kinsley, or Kinn for short
Type: SD13
Mold: SD13 Heath
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday/Arrival: January 12th (2012)
Customization: Faceup by Dr.Seiji (DoA)
Likes: Sex of all types (bondage & SM play are his favourites), every beautiful man and woman (he deems himself the 'lover of the world'), Egyptian ancient history, archaeology, traveling, alcohol.
Dislikes: Family obligations, work, routines, cigarettes.
Personality: A very cliche, corny flirt. Lives a sort of 'double life': he lives a very hedonistic lifestyle on one hand, but with his family, he portrays himself an obedient and loyal son. People who first meet (the real) him pass him off as loud, obnoxious and unreliable. He is also (extremely) artistically challenged.
Relationships: Whippy's Zoro (Currently dating, whether Zoro wants it or not), every beautiful man and woman (Lover).
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Kinsley comes from a family of nobles. However, they are more known for the family business these days instead of their nobility. He is the eldest and only son of 3 children, thus making him the heir of his family business (the same as Madren, which is one of the reasons why they are best friends).


Volks SD Class Kinnsolo14

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4Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:49 am


Name: Søren Hall
Type: SD13
Mold: FCS (old) 29
Gender: Male
Birthday/Arrival: 13th November
Customization: Modded to have dreaming eyes.
Likes: Sleeping, holidays.
Dislikes: Weather changes, flowers, animals.
Personality: Frail, sickly, amiable.
Relationships: Elder brother to Lars.
Any Additional Info/Backstory: -
Volks SD Class Soren

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5Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:41 pm


Name: Santino Da Via (Sanji)
Type: SD13
Mold: SD13 Tony + SD17 body
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday/Arrival: March 2nd (Birthday), October 16th 2009
Customization: Face-up by Mingyi (DOA)

Likes: Women, Cigarettes.
Dislikes: Homosexual men, men who mistreat women.
Personality: Observant, Sharp-tongue, Gentleman, Flirtatious (a VERY pathetic flirt who gets violently rejected all the time)
Relationships: Questionable relationship with Aki's Inocencia; Father of Aki's Cyenna. Younger brother of Dominico.
Affiliation: The Free Mason (with Ace & Zoro)

Any Additional Info/Backstory: He's one of the priest (yes, you read that right) at the Basilica di Valenti. After being invited by Ace, Sanji decided to go for a little bit of soul-searching adventure to redeem himself. Did quite a number of shit in his younger days.

*** Sanji is one of my tribute to Eiichiro Oda's memorable One Piece characters ***
(also based off my Ragnarok Online priest)

Volks SD Class Sanji


6Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:02 pm


Name: Cassidy Wright (Cassie)
Type: SD17
Mold: SD17 Hijikata + Luts Senior Delf Type 2 body (at the moment)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday/Arrival: July 26th (2010)
Customization: Face-up by B.Hong

Likes: Music, children, milk.
Dislikes: Lazy people, messy living room.
Personality: Friendly, family guy, ambitious, tends to be bossy with his bandmates (can't blame him because they're quite lazy lol)
Relationships: Forever virginalone
Affiliation: Scorpius (with Levi & Ara)

Any Additional Info/Backstory: He's the bassist and founder of Scorpius. The eldest of 7 siblings. Quit school at 15 to help his parents support the family. He gave music lessons to the children in his neighbourhood and worked at music store before Scorpius made it big.

Volks SD Class Cassie


7Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:28 pm


Name: Ara-Marcus Hayes (Ara)
Type: SD13
Mold: SD13 Williams + SD17 body
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday/Arrival: August 25th (2010)
Customization: Face-up by me

Likes: Beer, video games, sleeping
Dislikes: People with abusive behaviour
Personality: Extremely shy & introverted, Likes to be alone (unless it's with his bandmates), Obliging, ....but try not to wake up the dragon inside of him or you'll be sorry =X
Relationships: Has been harbouring feelings for Cassie since god-knows-when
Affiliation: Scorpius (with Levi & Cassie)

Any Additional Info/Backstory:
It is important to know that Ara can't speak. He's the drummer of Scorpius. Has been neighbours with the Wrights since he was small. His father was very abusive and often abused Ara and his mother verbally and physically. He finally stood up for his mother when he's 16; causing the father to leave the house. He was doing odd jobs (grocery stores, movers, newspaper boy) before Scorpius made it big.

Volks SD Class Ara


8Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:49 pm


Name: Date Masamune (Masamune, Machamune, Dokuganryuu)
Type: SDGrB
Mold: SDGr Ryoya Konoe + Luts Senior Delf Type 2 body
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday/Arrival: September 5th (Birthday); December 2nd 2011
Customization: Face-up by me

Likes: Being the best, speak in English, trolling people, sake, western culture
Dislikes: Being 2nd best, vegetables, losing his right-eye
Personality: Cocky & over-confident to most. Has a bratty/demanding/clingy/whiny side of him that only his right-eye knows :>
Relationships: Seems to be VERY possessive of his right-eye
Affiliation: The Dragons of Oushuu

Any Additional Info/Backstory:
Sometimes he's in his Sengoku period. But sometimes he's in the present timeline too. When he's in the present timeline, Masamune is a college student!

***Masamune is literally the BJD version of CAPCOM Sengoku BASARA's character of the same name***

Volks SD Class Masamune


9Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:20 am


Name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Type: SD17
Mold: SD17 Volks Alain
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Birthday/Arrival: 6th March (Arrival: 4th March 2011)
Customization: Faceup by saintaya, ''Neko'' beard by Me

Likes: Barnaby(for now his plushie shall replace him), drink beer, hangout, taking care of kid, anything to do with tiger and bunny, food with mayo on top, bite hard candy to pieces (just like me), eat fried rice (also similar).
Dislikes: Cocky attitude, bad guys who do evil
Personality: Happy-go lucky ojisan who do anything to make everyone around him to be happy. He's the type of person who would care for other as any other piscean would do. Self sacrifice but of couse at the same time he could make people irritating if he hits the wrong button(normally toward Barnaby).
Relationships: Hamu-chan (taking care of him now, treat him like his son)

Any Additional Info/Backstory:
He is based from the anime Tiger & Bunny. Anyway if you place your kids with him, he'll play around/taking care of them for you.


[img]Volks SD Class DSC_0677[/img]

10Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:26 am


Name: Trisha Trish (Left) // Sheryl Whitton (Right)
Type: SD10 Suwarrico // SDGR Girl
Mold: Volks Lorina // Volks Megu
Gender: Female
Birthday/Arrival: 14 September (2011) // 01 October (2008)

Volks SD Class 6841298639_b246ed37db_z

11Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:30 am


Name: Fukuyama Aoki
Type: Sd13
Mold: F-16
Gender: Male
Birthday/Arrival: 14 April (2009)
Customization: Eye, lips, cheek and chin mods

Volks SD Class 6841298853_2ba445ef5f_z

12Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:34 am


Name:Fukuyama Mayuki (left) // Aion Schmidt III (right)
Type: SD13
Mold: Volks F-16 // Volks School C
Gender: Male
Birthday/Arrival: 22 March (2007) // 05 September (2007)

Volks SD Class MayukiAion_01

13Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:36 am


Name: Kaelin K. Ueshima
Type: SD13
Mold: Volks Kaelin
Gender: Male
Birthday/Arrival: 28 April (2009)

Volks SD Class 5941507649_807696c137_b

14Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:49 pm


Volks SD Class 7115067689_2c4d48bff5

Name: Miracle
Mold: Volks Miruku

Volks SD Class 6943739164_14a8f365d5

Name: Seven
Mould: Volks F-44

Volks SD Class 6932860210_74fa961d66

Name: Noah
Mould: Volks F-05 (discontinued ver.) [mod]

Volks SD Class 6740859109_cb4c50fe5c

Name: Rin
Mould: Volks Lieselotte

Volks SD Class 6800232638_bba776f390

Name: Rei
Mould: Volks SwD Nana One-Off


15Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:21 pm


Name: Ren
Type: SD10
Mold: Volks SWD Nana
Gender: Female

Name: Regina
Type: SD10
Mold: Volks Fcs 03 modded
Gender: Female


16Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:41 pm


Name: Raeka Horarius
Type: SD10
Mold: Volks Ran
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday/Arrival: 3/7/2012
Relationships: Cousin to Shuya

Volks SD Class Rae6

17Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:17 pm


Name: Yvette Velloenée Schiffer -Velle
Type: SD10
Mold: Volks Kurumi
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday/Arrival: 12th November 2009
Customization: Rabiruna
Likes: Shopping
Dislikes: Boys that never grow up
Personality: Shopaholic princess who is actually very caring and dependable. Very overprotective on her lil brother, Ivvy
Relationships: Ivvy's big sister, Natsu's lil niece and has crush on Seig
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Reincarnation of my previous char, Yurui at younger age. Sometimes only she will showed her cursed right eyes that gives her mind manipulation power that she uses excessively sometimes.
Photo :

Volks SD Class 8216713630_4e4180f76b_z

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18Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:35 pm


Name: Helious Loki Seigbert - Seig
Type: SD13
Mold: Tony
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday/Arrival: 1st April 2011
Customization: Poppy
Likes: Footbvall
Dislikes: Reading
Personality: A real gentleman but always very blur at understanding what a women (or literally maybe just what Velle) wants. But he always tries his best to treats them the best he could, following the teaching of his late grandmother.
Relationships: Vega's little brother, Velle's crush
Any Additional Info/Backstory: He's a final year student in all boys school. His grandma and Velle's are BFFs so he come to meet her every now and then. He hates people seeing him wearing glasses because he's the football team captain, he tried to act like he have perfect vision. That's why he hated reading XD
Photo :

Volks SD Class 8387847309_9566910a60_z

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19Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:07 am


Name: Yoshifumi Masayoshi
Type: SD16
Mold: Daria
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday/Arrival: 23rd Aug 2012
Customization: Rabiruna
Likes: Readings, animals, Red color blood
Dislikes: Noise, crowd
Personality: Cold to most humans, but kind to animals. He's a bookworm who prefers solitude.
Relationships: He's a very reliable brother to Megumi and a very responsible partner to Riru. Aside from his studies, he also work under Natsu with code name Mukasa.
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Fumi takes studies very seriously. He really want to follow the footsteps of his Grandpa Ken (my old character) whom he idolized so much and become the best doctor. Fumi is Grandpa Ken's favourite grandson anyway :3

Volks SD Class 8374949331_fcccfaef61_z

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20Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:09 am


Name: Nakano Azusa
Type: SD10
Mold: Victorique de Blois
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday/Arrival: November 11 / 12th Oct, 2012
Customization: Rabiruna
Likes: Music , cat
Dislikes: -
Personality: Modest and cutesy
Relationships: -
Backstory: She is based on K-on character, but half of her will be on my own AU!Azusa.


Volks SD Class 8603119630_556773a9f3_z

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21Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:46 pm


Name: Inocencia Faustine Cortez
Usually Called: Censa
Type: SD13
Mold: SD13 Rinon
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthday/Arrival: December 30th (2012)
Customization: None
Likes: Art, watching movies, her daughter, baseball, carpentry, equality among men and women, as well as people of all statuses. Ohh, and orange juice.
Dislikes: People looking down on her just because she is a woman, con artists and people who take advantage of others.
Personality: Initially a gullible and sheltered girl, Censa became independent when she left her household and lived on her own. She is tough and doesn't trust others easily. She hates not being treated equally, and can come off as quite a feminist. She does not believe that you must act in a specific way, or prefer certain things if you're male or female.
Relationships: Cyenna (Daughter), Whippy's Sanji (Significant Other), Madren (Half brother), Caelum (Half brother), Kohen (Half brother)
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Censa is the 8th princess of the Cortez household; the 5th child of the 2nd wife. Censa was initially a typical delicate and pampered girl from a wealthy household. She left when she accidentally got pregnant of Cyn-Cyn. However, being naive and gullible, she got cheated off her savings because she trusted people too easily. From this experience, Censa developed a tough personality, and does not trust others easily. She works various jobs to make ends meet; she is working as a mechanic and construction worker. She also does a bit of carpentry on the side.


Volks SD Class Censaprofile02_zps09b1bbb0

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22Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:46 pm


Name: Clint Francis Barton
Type: SD13
Mold: Lucas
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday/Arrival: 29 October 2012
Customization: Mana Mori
Likes: Junk foods, archery and his pet beetle (shared with Steve) named Loki
Dislikes: -
Personality: Kind hearted, silly and sometimes has world of his own
Relationships: Housemate with Steve (Aki's), student/close with Niko, Classmate/schoolmate with Tony (Whippy's), Thor and Loki (James')
Any Additional Info/Backstory: He was born in Waverly, Iowa. At a young age he lost both of his parents in a car accident. After six years in an orphanage, Clint and his brother Barney ran away. He start to live on his own after his brother left him. He finally got into MTF college in Mechanical Engineering with sponsorship to his extraordinary talent in archery. He still prefer living on his own instead with his roommate - Steve who is also his co-worker at doughnut shop.

Volks SD Class 8582900480_5c97ae60d9_z

23Volks SD Class Empty Re: Volks SD Class Sun May 05, 2013 11:05 am


Name: Lavender Du Fleur
Type: School Head
Mold: Volks School Head C
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthday/Arrival: December 12th (2012)
Customization: Face-up by Lelie (DOA)

Likes: Children, animals and Chinese herbology.
Dislikes: Misbehaviour and indecisiveness.
Responsible and determined; free-spirited to an extent; Due to her overly uptight behaviour, she has the tendency to succumb to anxiety attacks oTL
Relationships: Noir's older sister, Verte's nurse.
Affiliation: The clinic Verte runs.

Any Additional Info/Backstory:
Lavender started out young as the mother figure of her family. Since both her parents were trying hard to make ends meet, she was the one who looked after the house. Noir sacrificed all of his college funds in order to allow Lavender to achieve the medical education she wanted. After getting her first job, she buys him the things he wants (shoes/clothes LOL) from time to time just to make it up for all he has done.

Volks SD Class Dsc4439w


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