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1 MARKETPLACE RULES on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:04 pm

Members are personally responsible for all transactions under their username and may only transact business on their own behalf.

If you don't have it, you can't sell it. Do not sell items that are not in your physical possession. This includes items on order or layaway, as well as those left with family or friends while the seller is at school or away from home. Do not post WTB threads for items that have not yet shipped.

No bootleg, copied or stolen dolls. Do not ask others to directly recast parts.
When a transaction has been completed, kindly direct the thread to an admin to close the thread.

Sold/In-Transit Lists are not allowed in your marketplace threads. These lists cause keyword spam. Remove all sold items from posts, titles and tags once the items are sold or on hold or in transit.

Items listed in the marketplace must be available for sale on this forum.

Marketplace sub-forums have different limits on the number of sales threads you can have:
- Dolls: Separate sales threads for each doll or doll part; no limit on the number of sales threads.
- Clothes, Wigs, Eyes: One sales thread per subforum.
- Accessories: One sales thread for each sales prefix.
- Commissionables: One sales thread for each sales prefix.

Post at least one picture of each item you are selling. It must be your own picture, not a company photo.

One bump per 24 hour period. A bump means any post that brings a thread to the top of the first page, regardless if it says "bump" or "pictures added" or "price lowered" or anything else.

For marketplace auctions, sellers must keep a public record of the full username of the current high bidder and bid price in their thread. If a bidder is outbid, they may ask (and the seller must tell them) who has outbid them and at what price. While bidders may not wish to have their names disclosed, this is one way to prevent shill bidding.

Marketplace threads for offsite auctions are not allowed. Promoting auctions in your signature is ok.

By buying, selling, trading, or in any way using the Marketplace, you are agreeing to these rules. Marketplace dishonesty may result in a Marketplace or forum-wide suspension or ban. Members who appear to be violating the spirit of the Marketplace (for example, by frequently scalping) may have their access removed.

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2 BJD MARKETPLACE on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:14 pm

When putting up a doll for sale, please include these specifics:

Skintone and Resin Type:
Manufactured date:
Included in sale:
Item Description:
Payment Information:
- Price:
- Payment Options:
- Other Payment Information:
- Splits?:
- Trades?:
- Layaway?:
My Feedback thread:

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