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1 LUTS Kid Delfs on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:27 pm

Don't be shy, add your kids to this database ^_^

Any Additional Info/Backstory:

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2 Re: LUTS Kid Delfs on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:50 pm

Name:Azure la Lune
Mold: KDF Ani
Gender: Male
Birthday/Arrival: 18th July 2009
Customization: Extra blush to face
Likes: Soft things in general (bed/blanket) and cute stuff (plushies) !
Dislikes: Being ignored or laughed at.
Personality: Easily clings onto people he likes; overly sensitive which leads to probably mood swings ALL THE TIME and the very definition of naivety.
Relationships: Currently dating Rouge Smile
Any Additional Info/Backstory:
His parents decided he had to grow up and that meant shipping him off to boarding school and living on his own. He's fairly popular with his female seniors for being "cute" and gets pampered alot. He meets Rouge when he practices violin playing in the music room (It's where Rouge hides when he needs to take a nap LOL)

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3 Re: LUTS Kid Delfs on Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:26 pm

Name: Kohen Lucero Cortez
Type: KDF Oldskin (Normal Skin)
Mold: KDF Hodoo
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birthday/Arrival: January 23rd (2007)
Customization: Pierced both ears and custom faceup by Luts
Likes: Frogs, scarves, any sport that requires aiming, the colour: green, playing the piano, violin & cello, sweets, chocolate, toys.
Dislikes: Being made fun of/looked down upon, being the center of attention, large mirrors, his older brother: Caelum.
Personality: Naturally quiet and always in thought, tends to keep things to himself. He worries about everything although the problem is usually not a big deal, a trait he shares with his older half brother, Madren, who he idolizes. Doesn't really know how to show his feelings very well. A bit of a crybaby.
Relationships: Madren (Half brother), Caelum (Brother)
Any Additional Info/Backstory: Kohen is the youngest prince in the Cortez household. He is the 2nd child of the current 4th wife. He is also the 2nd youngest child (the youngest is his 12-year-old half sister) of the entire family; which makes him very pampered by his older brothers and sisters. He dislikes the attention though, he prefers to be in the sidelines. However, he is very attached to Madren, and is the only person Kohen would openly display his affections and admiration to (Kohen wouldn't mind getting attention from Madren at all as well!). Kohen grew up sheltered and timid, which caused his mother to worry. When Madren left for New York to study, Kohen's mother seized this opportunity to send both Kohen and Caelum along so that they can be independent. Kohen only agreed to studying in a foreign country because he was following his favourite brother.


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4 Re: LUTS Kid Delfs on Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:50 pm

Name: Kaito Tenji
Mold: Cherry
Gender: male
Birthday/Arrival: 20/12/2009
Customization: nop
Likes: Keiko the kuma and books
Dislikes: fire, insects and people ask about his pass.
Personality: Quiet and doesn't mix much with others. He may look cool and not friendly type, in fact, he's actually a very loving boy. He loves people to hug and carry. He love to read a lot of books especially books that contain mystery and spiritual. He love to cosplay as Ciel. He demands a lot and he always request proper outwear all the time.  
Relationships: none
Any Additional Info/Backstory:
He lost his memory since his was 9. He had no idea what had happen the pass and how his parent die. He consider as an orphan but because his family are pretty wealthy so he doesn't have any problem on financial. He afraid fire the most as may be cause by the incident that happen to him the pass. He dislike people to ask about his pass cause he really can't remember. He loves to cosplay himself as Ciel from the anime called Black Butler. He said, they are pretty familar so he love it.

Name: Park Min Jung
Mold: Winter 2013 head + KDF girl body
Gender: female
Birthday/Arrival: 1/1/2014
Customization: nope
Likes: martial arts
Dislikes: unknown
Personality: quiet, not so social, REALLY SHY and sweet girl <3
Relationships: Junior of Hyun(my doc si)
Any Additional Info/Backstory:
Min Jung and Hyun are childhood friends. They know each other since age 5 when her family moved beside to Hyun's family house. Hyun father run a dojo and teaches martial arts, so ever since then, Min Jung start to learn from them. Min Jung mum don't really like her to learn all this martial art things as she prefer Min Jung to be more gentle and lady like. Min Jung studied the same school with Hyun and same class as well. There's a weakness in her, she is really shy. That's why she only got Hyun as friend and no other friend. School days she will follow Hyun back to his house and practice fighting skills and on weekends she will spend her time with her mum. Min Jung dad is a marine soldier, so he won't be staying at home with them all time. She's the only child in the Park family.

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