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1 What size dolls do you prefer? on Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:11 am

What size do you like handling, or feel most comfortable holding? What size is your favorite size to play with?

On the flip side, what size do you not like? Are SDs just too big and hard to handle for you? Are Puki's too small to the point you think you'd probably lose one?

Of course, say why you like/dislike these sizes too!

Personally, I'm a 60cm and larger kind of guy, they fit real nice into the crook of my arm and they're comfortable to hold that way. SDs are a good weight too, though I haven't had the chance to handle an Iplehouse SID or EID yet and might change my tune once I do...

For some reason, minis are not my size! I was going to get one for a young character, so this character would be shorter amongst all my adults, but after holding and handling a few minis at a local doll meet, I just find that they're not a very comfortable size for me. They just feel really weird and too small in my arm. Maybe it's just me being used to handling my housemate and my SD-sized boys... but regardless, I ended up sizing up my kid character to SD and hoping to hell and back that I can somehow mod the body (selected the shortest, least muscled body that I could that matches the resin of the head) to be a little bit shorter, so that at least my adult SDs aren't dwarfed by this 13 year old kid who is for some reason taller than them.

Tinies are a decent size though! They fit in your bag and YO-sized butts fit in the palm of your hand. Some fit into Barbie-clothes too, so if you can get over the really retro- or outdated-styled clothing and copious princess dresses, at least finding cheap clothes for them is easy!

I find trying to get furniture for them is hard though, because either everything is pink and white because it's Barbie-sized, and obviously Barbie means pink, or they're 1/12 scale and too small. Also if you have a mature-themed tiny, finding clothes that isn't cute and childish and girly is a bit hard. (If you have a tiny boy who's supposed to be older than 10...)

Because of that, I want to go smaller too. Mainly so I can get 1/12 scale furniture and build a tiny room for my future Pukisha... but also because man these things are tiny as all get out and I can just stick them in my pocket and BRING THEM PLACES! (I once brought one of my YOs out with me, and it was such a great feeling having her in my bag and following me out on my errands that I imagine it would be the same with a Puki-sized doll!)

What about you guys?

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2 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:56 am

Whoa long story there! XD

Well I have a SD, MSD, Yo-SD and a BB at home, so I gotta say handling them all prove to be different experiences in general! I'm in favour for MSDs, in which I suspect is due to the fact that my very first doll is a MSD hahaha ^^'

Finding clothes for my Alex (MSD) is pretty hard, partly because of her fashion tastes (she hates frilly lolita dresses) and mainly because she's a slim MSD. But I love her to bits all the same cause she's about the right size for me to handle!

Bringing out my Yo is also okay, and I usually bring Luna and her pet when I don't feel like breaking my back carrying the big kids out to play Razz

Haven't brought Lucifer, my SD boy out yet but oh man he's heavy! Gonna take some time getting used to his weight now @_@;

----->>The great derpina is currently derping her way through now!<<-----
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3 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:00 pm

Sorry, I'm very uncapable of bercerita pendek :p

I think I'm biased, because the first BJDs I handled IRL were SD sized-- my housemate owned a couple of Migi heads (now sold off) that I used to practice faceups on, and then at the beginning of this year she got the body for one of her characters in SD size, so I got used to hefting him around as well. My first was actually a YO-sized tiny, and he was a good handling size (as was the friend I got for him later) but I'm still biased in favor of SDs. I think the only MSD sized dolls I want to get is Impldoll's deertaur (with a different head because man Trista and Sam's faces do nothing for me) or fandom character dolls orz

SDs are a bit of getting used to if you're only used to handling MSDs and smaller, I will admit that! It's a bit of a jump from the weight of a mini to the weight of a 60+cm resinling.

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4 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:55 pm

I generally had handled many sizes, from 70cm+ dolls down to a Puki size. I used to be a really SD person, and collect majorly SD-sized boys, but then I got my first Minifee and then I realized on how convenient the size was. And then I got another Minifee recently. >___>;

But anyways, for me, it's between SD and MSD sized dolls really. I had a Yo-SD once but couldn't fully bond with the doll. I blame it was the size factor and also mold wise so I let that one go. Same goes when I had a Pukifee and let that little one go as well. Of course, I had sold SD-sized dolls before but that was because I couldn't bond with the dolls anymore and decided to let them go.

I am just fortunate that I have two lighter SD-sized dolls, and one heavier one but I don't bring that heavier doll out too often unless I feel a bit more hardworking to break my back a bit. XD;

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5 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:10 am

Oh man, I can just imagine how much more convenient mini size would be! SDs get pretty hefty and take up a crapload of space, especially now that they're getting larger and larger-- I mean, AoD already has a 90cm doll! (cue me going askhdaskdkawtfffff that's over half my height already sia!)

Ahhhh, I find tinies harder to pose than larger dolls as well, both my YO-sized dolls frustrate me with their difficulty of holding a pose. With one, it's because she has magnetic hands though so I can't lean her hand against her cheek like I can with my SD-size boy and let the tension/pressure hold it in place...

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6 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:03 am

I think it's usually your very first doll that tips over the scales when it comes to ease of comfort? Hahaha I'm not sure, though I know that while SD dolls may be somewhat harder for me to handle, particularly during events (they're so heavy!) I'd eventually get used to it.

Though I gotta admit, the smaller the doll is, the more fiddly and least interested I'd be at 'modifying' them (i.e. switching clothes, wigs, etc) somehow //guilty//

----->>The great derpina is currently derping her way through now!<<-----
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7 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:04 pm

Ohhai, syntheticality! If you still remember me, I'm also on DoA with the same username as on here. XD

Ahem. Back to topic! I only own one 70+ cm doll, 75cm to be precise. But I think I'm more of a SD and MSD person. I prefer bigger dolls, even though they're a pain to carry! I might own a few tinies one day but I'm sticking to the bigger dolls for now. In fact, I plan on having an army of SDs (and maybe a few MSDs). LOL. They just seem fun to play around with~ <3

View user profile http://xxmisachiixx.blogspot.com/

8 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:06 pm

I hear you on that silvennia, I find faceups for tinies really fiddly, and though I want to eventually do some extensive fantasy-style mods, I don't think I'll do it on a YOSD size doll ;; Though there's less sewing involved in making them clothes, too, they're so small that options get pretty limited.

Sup Misa, was wondering when you'd log on :p
Highfive for SD army! Most of my immediate wishlist dolls are SD-size, so I'm guaranteed that at least a few years down the line )8;;;

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9 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:56 pm

woa i notice that quite a lot of people here are more into MSD and SD size^^

Well maybe the says that 1st doll that u having will be the one that u prefer the most are right.... my first doll is MSD and I'm most happy playing with them^^ have an SD girl with me and i enjoy playing with her too, but main thing is the weight... is quite heavy =w= but one thing i like about SD: body proportion and shapes. I'm kinda weird cz i cannot tahan seeing something that's off balance (i.e chibi size dolls/drawings) =w= and i'm more onto a matured figure dolls^^

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10 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:39 am

Well, my first doll was about 30cm, but it's off topic. Despite that, I'm more to SD sized dolls. I've handled Yo-sd too and they're quite nice so to speak...except for small butt and really lightweight and I can carry 2 tiny butts in my palm. 8D I haven't handled any Msd yet, but I think they should fit nicely since they're big. But I guess I'm more to SD due to the heavy weight? I kinda got addicted to carrying heavy 'loads' in my arms cuz I always carry my fat cat around. The weight of SD reminds me of my cats. XD And yes, I'm unhappy with the weight of a Yo-sd cuz they're so light. But, carrying a SD size for 5 hours straight isn't a good idea either.

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11 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:19 pm

I started with a Yosd (BoA) Then Yumeko was added to my family, they became mine truly after i paid for them and bought them from my ex. I must say, i like Sd kids but my fav is still Yosd and smaller ones ^_^ but that does not deter me from buying more SD kids. Kekeke, in fact i am buying 2 more this month =w='

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12 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:56 pm

I have 2 MSD sized doll and for me MSD size is easier to carry around compared to SD but though so, I would like to have a 70cm boy too coz I think 70cm is very pose-able and also their body is more sexy~~ tongue

View user profile http://www.jardinderozene.blogspot.com/

13 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Aug 11, 2012 6:51 am

I just noticed I've not replied to this thread! o_o

My very first doll is SD-sized. I do love the size, but I was totally blown away when I got my 2nd doll, which is a MSD-sized boy. One of the reasons is, yes, they're easier to carry around, but I was more into the character development of such size. I see them as teenagers or preteens. I feel that age range is usually the turning point of one's life, where someone discovers who they are and what they want to be. They struggle with problems that adults may find petty, and I think that's so much more 'colorful' to play with, in terms of developing personalities. ^^ So yes, I fell head over heels for MSDs.

I've also handled YoSDs. While YoSDs are really cute, I don't think I'm very much of a YoSD person >_< I think it's the character development thing again (kids are just cute and can be bratty and... that's it!). This is why I only have one so far ;w;

So all in all, yes I own all 3 'standard' common sizes (SD, MSD, YoSD) but I think my preferred size is MSD. Very Happy (Though I must admit, after getting more than one SD, it's getting addictive ;_; )

View user profile http://palettescope.livejournal.com

14 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:12 pm

Most of my characters are in their mid-twenties and older, so SD suits me just fine in that aspect <: I actually have a 13 year old character that I was going to shell into MSD size, but I ended up making him an SD-sized doll just because I prefer the size orz (He's just tall ok don't bodyshame)

I've recently found myself looking at 1/12 scale tinies though, mainly because oh man they'd be so easy to make furniture for and I can take them everywhere with me aaaaa--
There's a meet in the city tomorrow so I'll be handling a few of those to see how I like it! @___@

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15 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:10 am

Nice to read all the reasons and people interest ^^

My favourite size is still SD. If I have to be more specific, SD10! XD Since I handled a few type of big peeps off late, I must say, SD10 is my favourite size. Not too tall/heavy, not too small either. I used to love yosd a lot before, but it kind of decreasing off late. No, they ARE really adorable and all, but they are just, well, kids, so, a little limits in all they could do Embarassed Still keeping 2 of them though, cuz we need some kids cuteness around at times.For MSD size, I love them they are so cute and adorable since my friends do have them, and they are the cutest little thing. But I still have a bit of problem on actually owning them. Maybe one of those days, I will have 1, but I will need the fat fat one cuz I really not into slim MSDs since they are too fragile look for me Surprised

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16 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:31 am

I have 70cm, MSD and Tiny. In terms of bringing them around, Tiny would be the easiest among all the sizes and also their props, it is easier to find Wink I quite prefer MSD because they are consider teenagers sized dolls but they are not too big to bring around Smile 70cm is the heaviest and clothes wise, not all BJD companies tailor their clothes but the one thing I like about 70cm is that it is easier to make their clothes~

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17 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:22 pm

Well, I'm on to bigger dolls.

It is true I don't have that many strength to hold them for too long, but I am always in awe for the sculpt details, which can only be found in bigger dolls Very Happy I will go for 65++guy and 60++girl. My aim now is Spiritdoll Herculean 75 cm doll and IOS 80 cm doll because they have a very beautiful body sculpt *err... I sound like a perv* But maybe that's because I love mature look on guy dolls too.

But I can't say that I hate tinies as well. YOSDs are easy to handle since they're so small, and easy for me to bring around. Which explains why my family is kinda scattered in size XD

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18 Re: What size dolls do you prefer? on Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:57 pm

I started back then with a couple of SDs, and I recall saying that I was an SD person, despite having MSDs too. Somewhere along the way, I started preferring MSDs, and then I moved onto Unoas. But I have to say, after my YoSDs, they're really the most convenient size to bring along when I'm lazy, ehehe. I guess I can't say that I favour SDs anymore, but then again, sometimes I feel like I do! Can I just say, I like them all and have no preferences..?! Laughing

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